Your Rights as a TaxPayer

Your Rights as a TaxPayer by Stephen Ganns[Time to Read: 1.3 mins]

Did you realize as a taxpayer you have rights? Well, actually, you do.

As citizens of the United States of America, who are responsible to pay taxes in order to allow our government to continue to run, we do have some rights. The following are excerpts from an IRS publication, which delineates those rights:

  1. The right to be informed
  2. The right to quality service
  3. The right to pay no more than correct amount of tax
  4. The right to challenge the IRS position and be heard
  5. The right to appeal IRS decisions in an independent forum
  6. The right to finality
  7. The right to privacy
  8. The right to confidentiality
  9. The right to retain representation
  10. The right to a fair and just tax system

For further information concerning these rights please go to the IRS website and look for Publication 1, “Your Rights as a Tax Payer.”

Of course, if you have any questions concerning these rights, please consult your tax advisor or you can call us at anytime at 914-682-7007.


Stephen J. Ganns

Stephen J. Ganns, CPA


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