Though Hard to Believe, Children CAN Sometimes Save You Money

Though Hard to Believe, Children CAN Sometimes Save You Money by Stephen J. Ganns{3:42 minutes to read} If you are a working parent or a parent looking for work, you will probably need to pay for childcare. These expenses could qualify for a tax credit that could reduce your federal and state income taxes.

The credit is commonly referred to as the Child Dependant Care Credit, but like everything else in the tax code, it is subject to certain regulations. Continue reading


So You Have a Child in College

Steve Ganns,, discusses tax tips for college tuition.If you have children, somewhere in the last two months there’s a good chance you dropped a child off at college – for them to get acquainted with the school if they are a freshman or reacquainted if they’re an upper class-man. Those first few days or weeks, you’ve probably gotten a call about:

  • How their roommate doesn’t like them;
  • How their classes aren’t going right; or from
  • Your daughter crying because her boyfriend broke up with her, or maybe your son crying because his boyfriend broke up with him.

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7 Personal Tax Credits Available to You

Steve Ganns,, explains 7 tax credits.While not always an abundant amount, a taxpayer may, in certain situations, be eligible for credits against their taxes. The following are the most widely available credits applicable to all individuals who file taxes. In an effort to make you aware of these credits, I am providing a list of the most common ones. You can always ask your tax adviser or call us for a more in-depth explanation.

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There Might Actually Be a Way That Having Children Could Save You Money (ha,ha!)

Stephen Ganns,, discusses the tax benefits and requirements of the Child  Dependent Care CreditIf you are a working parent, a parent who plans to look for work this summer or at any time during the year and you have children, you may need to pay for child care.  These expenses may qualify for a tax credit that can reduce your Federal Income Taxes and also some State Income Taxes.

This credit is called the Child Dependent Care Credit and is subject to various regulations.  It is available throughout the year, but in summer there are special rules to keep in mind.  Continue reading